Club Awards

All players within our club are remarkable  and therefore at the end of each season we will award all Teeball and Little League players a trophy for their efforts.

In addition to this, the Club has two Perpetual Trophies which it awards each year:


The first is a Super Squad Trophy that will have all RTBC players that have been selected to be in the TBAWA Super Squad placed on it as a recognition of their efforts.  Please see the Super Squad page for more information and past players that have been selected in the TBAWA Super Squad.

The second is an Encouragement Award that goes to a player the RTBC Committee selects who is not necessarily the best player in our Club, but is one who has shown tremendous values to the game of tee-ball, great sportsmanship, tries their best at all aspects of the game and has a positive attitude to the game of tee-ball and sports in general.

Milestone Awards are also awarded to players when they reach significant numbers of games played for RTBC.  Hat Badges are awarded at the Club Wind Up for every 25 games played for RTBC.  There are approximately 17 standard games per season, so reaching 150 games or 200 games is quite an achievement.  Players who reach 200 games played for Roleystone are given the status of Lifetime Membership

Our Baseballers are also in the running for awards each season.  Previous awards can be viewed here.

In 2016, the Club awarded the Clubperson of the Year Award to dual members: Sandy and Anthony Johnson.

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